God Eater 2 celebrates return of the Defense Force

I was hoping post number 4,000 would be a humdinger about a western release, but that's the optimist in me. By way of a decent second option, here's a whole new chapter in the biggest selling Vita game ever. Introducing new characters including western team members, and stories, it seems like a sizable effort, which makes me wonder how much the average Japanese gamer has in GE2 content on their memory stick?

God Eater 2 must be over 400,000 sales in Japan, with still no western release confirmed. Perhaps that's all Sony will have to offer at E3? But, Namco continues to roll out the content at home. Return of the Defense Force is another episode according to the trailer and follows on from the recent 1.4 patch that added full multiplayer mode.

Are you eager for a western release for this, or is Freedom Wars a more original and interesting idea?