Dragon's Crown, Lone Survivor and Surge Deluxe hit PS+ in June

Vita owners get a triple whammy of PlayStation Plus games in June for European gamers, surely you haven't got all of them? I'll be picking up Lone Survivor finally (PS3 but Cross Buy), while Dragon's Crown should get some more players in the MP lounge, while Surge Deluxe is a perfect quickie to play.

Oh, and as a commenter has pointed out, Pixeljunk Shooter too - even better news! US Vita gamers get Pixeljunk, Terraria and Mutant Mudds, which doesn't sound quite as appealing somehow.

Make sure you pick up Muramasa Rebirth and Everybody's Golf before they vanish from the PS+ lists tomorrow. Note, all PlayStation platforms will get two games each per month from now on (excluding cross buy goodies).


  1. 4 games for PS Vita. PixelJunk shooters is also included.


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