Desert Island Vita games, which five would you keep?

I just had one of those moments, wading through the bubbles on my 32GB card and couldn't decide what to play, or what to delete. So, the question for the weekend is...

What five Vita games would store on a magic memory card if you were going to be dumped on a desert island, with a Vita and an equally magical infinite battery?

  • The card can store any five games, regardless of actual size. 
  • Only one of them can be a PSP or PSOne game.
  • NO, it doesn't support Remote Play
  • Collections count as one game

And yes it also has magical brightness, so you can play under the burning sun, while you should be trying to find food or signal for help.

Answers in the comments.

My five are: TxK, WipEout 2048, Dragon's Crown, Persona 4 Golden, Killzone Mercenary