Vita's God of War and Demon Gaze coming soon

After the rush of recent releases, there's more on the way, with Football Manager, LEGO The Hobbit and Sly Cooper collection out in the next week or so. Following that comes Demon Gaze, which I'm reviewing now and love due at the end of this month plus God of War HD collection is coming in early May.

Then there's a bit of a gap into the summer with only Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection listed, but I'm hoping lots of indies and PSN digital titles will fly our way. With the likes of Assault Android Cactus looks like its closing in on completion, Switch Galaxy Ultra is approaching beta. There are so many indies on the go, its hard to keep up, and most of them will be "done when they're done" which is cool, but it wouldn't hurt for Sony to put up a "coming here, then, whenever" page just for guidance. I've added what I can find on the release list, but very few have ever mentioned release schedules.