Vita gets a massive PSN Easter sale

Chocolate and cheap games? Can't argue with that, check out this nice long list of Vita games getting decent price cuts on the PSN's latest sale. There's an additional 10% or 20% off for PS+ subs and a few territory restricitions. Definitely picking up the likes of EDF 2017 and Spelunky, what grabs your interest from this list. Might as well get the Wolf Among Us Season Pass ahead of its release too.

Note I only see a few games on the Vita's screen, plenty more on the website version.

PS Vita 

Guacamelee! Was £9.99/€12.99/AU$18.45, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.35 (with Cross Buy)

Hotline Miami Was £6.49/€7.99/AU$11.75, now £2.39/€2.99/AU$4.35 (with Cross Buy) 
Retro City Rampage Was £8.99/€8.99/AU$16.95, now £3.19/€3.99/AU$5.85 (with Cross Buy)
A-Men 2 Was £9.69/€11.99/AU$17.95, now £3.19/€3.99/AU$5.85
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Was £34.99/€39.99/AU$54.95, now £14.99/€19.99/AU$24.95
CastleStorm Complete Edition Was £11.99/€14.99/AU$21.95, now £5.49/€6.99/AU$10.35
CastleStorm Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.35
Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.35
Dustforce Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £5.49/€6.99/AU$10.35
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE® 2017 PORTABLE Was £23.99/€29.99/AU$43.95, now £5.49/€6.99/AU$10.35
escapeVektor Was £5.49/€9.99/AU$10.35, now £3.19/€3.99/AU$5.85
Eufloria HD Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £3.19/€3.99/AU$5.85
HISTORY Legends of War Was £28.49/€34.99/AU$34.99, now £9.99/€12.99/AU$12.99
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Was £34.99/€39.99/AU$54.95, now £14.99/€19.99/AU$24.95
KickBeat Was £7.29/€8.99/AU$13.25, now £2.39/€2.99/AU$4.35
Let’s Fish! Hooked On Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £2.39/€2.99/AU$4.35
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Was £23.99/€29.99/AU$43.95, now £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45
MotoGP 13 Compact Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.35
New Little King’s Story Was £34.99/€39.99/AU$54.95, now £6.99/€9.99/AU$14.95
OlliOlli Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £3.19/€3.99/AU$5.85
PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD Was £9.99/€12.99/AU$18.45, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.35
Rainbow Moon Was £9.99/€12.99/AU$18.45, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.35
Silent Hill Book of Memories Was £24.99/€29.99/AU$39.99, now £6.49/€7.99/AU$11.75
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Was £29.99/€34.99/AU$47.95, now £14.99/€19.99/AU$24.95
Spelunky Was £11.99/€14.99/AU$21.95, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.35
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £2.39/€2.99/AU$4.35
Terraria Was £11.99/€14.99/AU$22.95, now £5.49/€6.99/AU$10.35
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season Was £14.99/€19.99/AU$24.95, now £5.49/€6.99/AU$10.35
The Wolf Among Us – Season Pass Was £15.99/€19.99/AU$29.95, now £6.49/€7.99/AU$11.75
Thomas Was Alone Was £5.99/€7.49/AU$11.05, now £2.39/€2.99/AU$4.35
TxK Was £5.49/€6.99/AU$10.35, now £3.19/€3.99/AU$5.85
Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition Was £34.99/€39.99/AU$54.95, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.35
Virtue’s Last Reward: Complete Collection Was £24.99/€29.99/AU$39.95, now £9.99/€12.99/AU$18.45
Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov’s Revenge Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £3.19/€3.99/AU$5.85