Sony's God of War Vita bundle fails to get the blood running

Take a look at the difference between the PS3 and Vita God Of War bundle, spot the difference? I know Sony is struggling to sell the Vita, and the fewer SKUs (types of stock) it has to deal with the better. But, is sticking a new download code and a new wrapper around the old black unit (guess the new LCD model will be the one that ships), really any way forward?

If the Vita user base is struggling then surely offering some variety is one way of attracting more users, and how much does a red plastic case really cost Sony? Especially in a limited quantity that adds some extra value or cachet to the item. On the plus side, assuming this Italian mock-up goes Europe-wide, its another addition to the Vita bundle family, but it is hard to imagine it getting even did-hard God of Wars fans rushing to stores.