Sony boosting Vita production to combat stock issues in Japan

When the western Sony big cheeses were crowing about the PS4's 7 million sales, there was not a twitter about the poor old Vita, slogging away, selling 10,000 a month in the States, if you believe NPD. In Japan, however, its a different story (now matching the 3DS) with Sony's President Hiroshi Kono offering up the following nugget:
Hello, everyone. The other day, we announced in this blog, the actual sales across the whole world has surpassed 7 million units in total for "PlayStation 4" (PS4) I think this is greatly down to your support, thank you very much. Thanks, In Japan, in addition to PS4, PlayStation Vita also is very popular and is enjoying sales so that supply can not keep up, causing out of stock in some shops. 
We apologize for the inconvenience, so we have now an adjustment in order to meet the demand, thank you for your patience. 
That's been lightly edited for clarity, but with PS4 sales pretty low due to the lack of games, I'm confident he means the Vita, so it sounds like a hike in production is underway of the 2000 model (or perhaps returning unsold western 1000 units and repackaging them?), which will help sales rise further. I do love in the comments that people are asking for 128Gb and even 256Gb memory cards.