PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale gets the mother of all balancing udpates

Despite having crashed and burned as a series, PSABR has a loyal fan base eagerly measuring every aspect of the game's combat between its menagerie of characters. Even some time after its end, Sony has put together a balancing patch that tweaks, levels-out, jiggles with and otherwise improves the game for the army of PS3 and Vita owners still slugging it out.

Read some of the technical details on this PSN blog post, worth a peek at some of the many comments and responses too. There's also cheaper DLC on the way, a final fling with some new costumes and a major multiplayer tournament.

The game is only £12 on PSN, £15 for PS3, so if you fancy a rumble, why not pick it up? Or, of you haven't played it in a while, this is a decent chance to get back into it.