Need help navigating Demon Gaze? Try these maps

I don't usually do hints and tips, preferring to slog my way through games the old-fashioned way. However, as my review of Demon Gaze points out, its pretty easy to miss a turn or hidden passage that can leave you scratching your head and pretty much stumped or bumbling around looking for that one next step.

Check out these maps of the early levels which should help you find the missing bits in the likes of Red City, Slave Grave, Star Curtain, Blue City, the White Garden and Neptune's Lair. Click on a pic to enlarge and you should be able to figure out where's where on each map and how to get to the bits you're struggling to reach. I'll post the later maps sometime in future, so no one can accuse me of going spoiler mad.

If you need further advice, here's a Google Docs sheet with hints, stats, class and weapon info, plus boss and treasure guides!

UPDATE: The later maps are here for when you get deeper in Grimodar, Black Cage and other dingy places.