MechRunner sprints to Kickstarter for Vita funding

Is the power of Unity really going to rescue the Vita? Yet another Unity title is up on Kickstarter (following Cult County) with a Vita version of MechRunner as part of the basic option (not a stretch goal that I can see). An arcade shooter/fighter, it pits you against a merciless mechanoid army (are there any other types?) and looks pretty slick with a transforming.

Update, the game is now half-way to its goal, with 11 days left to go. I have a sneaky feeling this one will be a success

Spark Plug Games are behind the effort, with the game feature complete. They're only asking for $25,000 to finish and polish the game for a July release, which is one of the faster turnarounds. $10 gets you a copy of the game on Vita, so why not? The higher reward tiers offer a model of the heroic mech, if you fancy.