Avoid Droid gets some timed Vita exclusivity

InfiniteStates' Avoid Droid (revealed at the start of the year) is hitting the Vita in June, a month ahead of its iOS release. While that's not something that will shock the iPhone world, its a nice touch from the English developers. The game itself packs in fiendish arcade mechanics, a host of fun and (explosive) fruity visuals, a blippy soundtrack and what could be nods to classic gaming and demands a strong survival instinct.

The basic aim is to eat the fruit to creation chain reactions, which help keep you alive a little longer, as you rack up the points in a hostile arena with distinct challenges on different levels. With multiple play modes, this is a great mobile game coming to Vita first instead of the other way around, taking advantage of proper controls (although there's tilt if you like that sort of thing).