Arcana Heart 3: Love Max cuddling your Vita soon

Due this autumm, Arc System Works and Examu's cute lady 2D wrestling game is hitting the PS3 and Vita with suitably ludicrous characters and cuddly combat.

You want super stealthy, diminutive, speedy ninjas who vanish to confuse foes!? Like a rollerblading bat-winged beauty, or a brash giant robot-piloting bunny girl!? Characters can be combined with 23 various arcana (celestial beings) who give players more freedom in how their favorites fight (a total of 529 different combinations!). Arcana alter things like power, defense, and how quickly your power bar recharges. They can also do things such as provide healing, reflect ranged attacks, provide the power of flight, and so much more!
For more info, check out the game's website.