YoYo's GameMaker Studio exporting to PlayStation formats

While the pros are using Unity or their own tools to create PlayStation Vita games, for the rest of us, it can be a daunting challenge to even dive into a compiler or other game creator. YoYo Games announced at GDC that its novice-to-expert coding tools will soon port to PlayStation, potentially allowing more games to be created for the Vita.

Note the potentially bit, as all but the most basic version, and all the exporters cost modest amounts, that bedroom coders might not be able to afford. Still, its another avenue for Vita development which has to be a good thing. The Vita export feature will go live at the end of May, so you've got time to code your first steps in the freely downloadable version, before deciding if it can help you make your dream game.

Both the soon-to-be-released Hyper Light Drifter and Death Ray Manta were both coded using YoYo's tools, proving the power of the system, so what's stopping you trying it out? Even if you demo only works on a PC it might be enough to convince a publisher of its merits and help you get some early investment?

UPDATE: I'm having a quick play with this and within an hour had made an animated sprite, some terrain blocks, a background and put them in a room with some rudimentary move and jumping actions. Impressive stuff. All without a line of code, just as well as my background is mostly DBase.