Western Final Fantasy X HD scores rolling in

Square's monster opus revamp is out in the America this week, Europe next week and the scores are already breaking cover, with good ratings from most of the key sources, and a few of the usual criticisms (unskippable cut scenes) sticking in the mud. Everyone is reviewing the PS3 version for now, but most have some Vita comments. The game is available in a Limited Edition on PS3 while the Vita offers only the standard one game on card/one to download version.

Game Informer 9/10
The Vita version is nearly identical to its big brother, but there are some additional jaggies and other minor graphical imperfections. None of these issues impede your experience, but the difference is evident.

Destructoid 8/10
Square Enix's overhaul has added so much more visual appeal. I'm pleased to say that this isn't some quick upscale job.

VentureBeat 8/10
The PlayStation 3 version puts both FFX and FFX-2 on the same disc, but the Vita card only holds FF-X. You must download the other game with a code that comes with the package. It’s inconvenient and annoying, and it’s the worst part of the Vita package.

Gaming Age A/A+
The remixed soundtrack that makes up a good chunk of Final Fantasy X’s music is going to be the biggest hang-up for returning fans.

Gaming Bolt 9/10
Final Fantasy X benefits the most from the additional content. By far the biggest change is the option to use the Expert Sphere Grid, which starts all of the characters in the middle of the grid instead of in their own separate sections.

IGN 9.3/10
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is outstanding. With enhanced art and music, tons of extra in-game content, cross-save compatibility, and bundling two huge games for the price of one, it’s a lot of bang for your buck.