Vita sales rise in Japan, but the big games are yet to come

This time last year Vita sales went ballistic as the price cut and Soul Sacrifice crashed in. This year, things are up a bit (just under 5,000) thanks to a few releases that land in the middle of the Media Create chart, but the big guns are yet to fire. Will SS Delta and the new Hatsune Miku provide a similar boost? Find out in the coming weeks.

09./00. [PSV] Kagero: Darkside Princess # (Koei Tecmo)  (¥6.090) - 19.322 / NEW
11./00. [PSV] Infinite Stratos 2: Ignition Hearts # (5pb.)  (¥7.140) - 15.213 / NEW
15./00. [PSV] Valhalla Knights 3: Gold (Marvelous AQL)  (¥5.229) - 11.186 / NEW