US Vita gets more video apps, Europe waving frantically!

Today's U.S. PSN update will see a herd of new apps come online with more available soon. Yankee-types will be able to bask in endless video from the likes of anime-farm Crunchyroll, NHL GameCenter and Qello, a concert broadcaster. Coming soon will be the likes of Hulu Plus, Redbox and Gaiam TV.

 Now, okay, we don't need desperately the NHL (or perhaps you do) but the rest of them (plus the still missing Netflix for Europe app) would make neat additions to our OLED screens. Hopefully we'll get a matching announcement tomorrow, or at least some indication that Sony gives a stuff about the Vita's non-gaming capabilities.

I mean, when was the browser last updated (an issue that plagued the PSP)? And why is the Twitter and Facebook integration still pretty crappy, two years on from launch? If Sony wants to pretend the Vita is more than just a game device, it could at least make a little effort?

Of course, with all these apps, that does make a tiny bit more likely that the Vita TV will ship at some point, although with Amazon, Google and everyone else throwing TV streamers at buyers, that possibility is shrinking fast.