Steamworld Dig and Luftrausers rake in glowing reviews

I hope Vlambeer means "lots of beer" in dutch because the developers of Luftrausers should be rightly drowning in the stuff based on the decent scores coming in for their 2D old-school arcade shooter. Some of these reviews are for the big-screen versions, but I doubt there's much difference.

EGM 9/10
GamesRadar 8/10
PocketGamer Gold
NGN 9/10
EuroGamer 9/10
Girl Gamers 8/10
Edge 8/10

Also doing well is Steamworld Dig which picks up a raft of great scores too.

Punk and Lizard 8/10
PSU 8.5
Push Square 8
PlayStationGB 9.6/10

Will add more scores as they appear. Let me know if I'm missing one. What's all this Titanfall and Metal Gear nonsense someone keeps muttering about?