What's the Vita's next big visual novel?

Just a stray weekend thought here, Virtue's Last Reward generated some interest in visual novels when translated by Aksys for us westerners on the Vita. But that was nothing compared to the new bear on the block, Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc going gangbusters in forums (5,000 posts over two threads on NeoGAF), lots of high praise tweets and every step and death covered on YouTube.

It seems like one of the few games that has unified the dinky Vita user base around a title, which hopefully means more games will head our way.

We're definitely getting Danganronpa 2 with its tropical island setting, and NIS America have another surefire hit. But what else could venture west to tap into this new interest in murderous detective work and progressive story telling? The PSP was full of visual novels and the Vita in Japan is getting updates or conversions from specialists 5bp including Infinite Stratos, Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes (below). Do these games have the style and pizzazz to grab western gamers? That's pretty doubtful, but the sci-fi overtones could be rather compelling

I'm not sure about the relationship-focused games (of which there are apparently millions) with the likes of Oregairu coming to Japan, but unlikely to be worth the translation. What else is there in the crazed psyche of writers that could tempt us? I'm no expert so feel free to comment and point out some possibilities.