Sony doing Amazon-style deals of the week

The PSN is becoming more like a Del-Boy style market stall every month, with random collections of sale items, dodgy (yet lovely) imports and now random snap sales. The first 'deal of the week' is (in my opinion) a true scam, offering FIFA 14 (Aka FIFA 13, aka FIFA Football) which is now "just" £19.99, down from the insane rip-off price of £45.

Given you can find the original FIFA Football or FIFA 13 for under £10, buy that and you get the same game, minus the latest transfers and kit updates, which I think most of us can live without. It's not like Wayne Rooney is going anywhere.

Quite how EA can expect to charge that much, even reduced, for what should be a free update for any other game is both disgusting and unseemly. Even with Sony playing nice on the sale, you can still get the latest update cheaper in stores.