Shocker! New PS Vita now £199 on Amazon

Well, I hope you picked up a Vita 2000 model when it "just" £179, as Amazon has now punted the price up to £199 on launch day. So much for Sony's SRP... Has anyone ordered one and got theirs yet, thoughts on the screen welcome. Would anyone pay £199 for it? Definitely cheaper in the stores for once.

UPDATE: Amazon has fixed its pricing, even knocking a couple of quid off, now down to £177.99. Not sure what the glitch was, but it can't have helped Sony's case on launch day.

Has Sony's poor financials given it a change of heart, trying to screw a few more pounds out of buyers rather than actually sell some units? GAME and what's left of HMV still have it at £179, and ShopTo at £185 (with a 16GB card and games), any better deals out there? 

Perhaps best of all, you can buy Japanese imports in the cooler colours for £140 with free shipping from eBay, if you can wait a few days for the courier to deliver.