Japanese PS4 sales off to the races, what effect on Vita?

So, in the space of two days, Sony sold 322,083 PlayStation 4 consoles in Japan, out of a rumored shipment of 350,000. That's an awesome start but instantly opens up the question of will Remote Play help Sony shift even more PS Vita handhelds? With sales heading down off an awesome seasonal run, what will PS4's impact be?

While its a bit of a stretch to ask most gamers to buy two consoles at once (there are still no official PS4/Vita bundles) we should find out tomorrow if it nudged Vita sales a little higher, or will interest in the Vita die off now? In the long run, with Japan's superb mobile infrastructure, the temptation to play your game at home and then carry on while commuting or during breaks, has to be a pretty strong one.