Is Sony's cunning plan for the Vita 2000 powered by PlayStation Now?

Here's an oddity, after Sony's feeble launch announcement for the PS Vita 2000 model (any colour as long as its black) in the UK, Sony has now mentioned to TrustedReviews that PlayStation Now (formerly Gaikai) could becoming to the UK ahead of the rest of the EU schedule (early 2015).

That was apparently due to euro's creaky broadband, which a few million Virgin customers promptly laughed at while cuddling their super-routers. The UK could easily go first for Europe, and I'm sure Sony's had plenty of feedback about that.

Put two and two together and you get the merest tingling that Sony might have a plan, rather than just muddling along, as they seem to when it comes to portables. If the Vita 2000 is followed up quickly by Gaikai, you effectively have a classic hit machine on the go, and that's a decent proposition if you bundle in a few months' subscription.

Again, just a thought, but its a more realistic idea than waiting for Sony to unveil GTA V Portable, Monster Hunter 5 Freedom and other unicorns. Remember, the Vita 2000 has some good points, better battery life, a little storage, better back panel, so its not all grim.