God Eater 2 rakes in the cash in Japan

Namco Bandai (soon to be known as Bandai Namco in the west, just to screw with us) has announced its latest quarterly figures in Japan, along with some game sales info. GOD EATER 2 was their top seller on PSP/PSV,  having sold 630,000 copies while GUNDAM BREAKER on PS3/PSV sold 400,000 copies.

No breakdown beyond that but that they're decent numbers and God Eater 2 is likely reaching a million by the time it hits the west and gets a budget releases. Is that enough for Namco to get working on a God Eater 3? Given its Shift team is helping out on the multiplayer for Freedom Wars, perhaps that not needed - it can work its magic on other projects and claim a share of the spoils.