Demon Gaze lines up the characters and zingers

NIS America is bring all comedy guns blazing to Demon Gaze with the RPG packing in some decent one-liners from the appealing characters you'll meet and party with in the game.

  • Lezerem Rantile - A frivolous elf who runs the item shop. He can't seem to keep himself out of trouble — or in his clothes once he's drunk.
  • Kukure - The self-proclaimed stylist at the inn. He looks like a child, but is actually a full grown Migmy. He's picky when it comes to the female body, especially the posterior.
  • Fran Pendoll - The beautiful, young manager of the Dragon Princess Inn who's somewhat of a tightwad, though she says she's it's because she's working on a mission.
  • Lancelorna Beowulf - She's got an Evil Eye, similar to the main character. After retiring as a mercenary for mysterious reasons, she now looks after the main character.
  • Prometh - A mysterious mortician girl who lives in the inn's basement. She loves herself some skulls!
  • Pinay - A Ney girl with boundless energy who lives at the Dragon Princess Inn. She also might have another side to her...