Tempest TxK dated for 11 February

The US PSN store has a crazy discount going on for PS+ subs against the upcoming list of PS Vita games including this week's Olliolli, clean-em-up Dustforce and Dragon Ball Z. But more importantly it reveals the date of Jeff Minter's Tempest TxK, which was granted a PEGI rating a while back, but had no firm release date (that I ever saw).

Mark your cards for February 11, presumably the 12th in Europe, for one of the finest arcade games ever to reappear in Vita form. Really don't mind if Europe skips on the savings as I'd happily pay full price for TxK, given how much the Atari Jaguar original cost.

Check out the full-res 60fps trailer on the Llama site, full volume on speakers a must!