So, the Vita in 2014 then, bring it on Sony

Sony hasn't said much about its 2014 plans for the Vita, to the extent of missing it out of its 2014 game poll and the company Extranet being bereft of Vita games except for the upcoming Pets. Fortunately, the release schedule shows plenty of indie and some third party support.

But what will Sony itself offer? I've had a brief muse about the Vita's future in general, led by Japan Studio, but Sony has its western developers beavering away too. Sony Bend is supposed to be hard at work on a new game, for one. But there are other studios, the XDev teams and others.

What are Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, Magenta, Relentless Software, Eurocom and Sumo Digital, as well as Evolution Studios and Guerrilla Games working on? Most of them will be focused on PS4, but sub-teams could have a Vita game in the works.

I'll dig into the archives and see if there were any clues back in 2013 and on the job pages to see if there's any new activity, but shout if you remember some snippet that's eluding my Christmas-ified brain.