PS Vita 2000s on Amazon, but not from Amazon, or the UK

I'd assumed Amazon would have its UK Vita 2000 offer in place by now to snag some pre-orders, guess it won't be long though.

UPDATED (original piece below): And now its there, in all its £179.99 glory. with no memory card - just the tiddly 1GB internal storage, no bundle and new buyers wondering exactly what all the fuss is about. There's also a link to Amazon's own PSN store, which hasn't been updated with any Vita content since launch, time for them to get a move on too.


Instead some sellers are furiously trying to flog their Japanese import stock with PS Vita 2000 sellers trying to get your cash, with prices ranging from £175 to (madly) £25,000 with some selling the coloured models, if you're desperate for one (presumably with the topsy turvy button actions).

Sony insist the difference between the OLED and LCD is "relatively imperceptible." The trouble is that's an oxymoron, if something is imperceptible you can't perceive it, there's no relative about it. Every single report I've seen says you can see the difference, so IT IS perceptible. Sure that won't matter to any newcomers to the scene, but without a new game in sight to help shift them, I can't see much action when Amazon's offer does rock up.

Of course, Sony will say Vita sales rocketed 300% shortly after, but that's meaningless crap. If you want to order the official UK model, no rush now, ShopTo.Net have it at close to the £180 RRP or get the colour models cheap from Play Asia (which I'm now tempted to do, Lime Green in fact). Have a lovely weekend now!