Monster Monpiece goes official in the west

We knew this game, with the frantic screen-stroking action, was coming thanks to various leakage, but and official press release makes it all bona fide! Idea Factory International is excited to announce its very first PlayStation Vita title, Monster Monpiece, a tactical card battle game with light RPG elements, for the North American and European markets.

Featuring a tactical card battle system, distinctive characters, and light-hearted story make Monster Monpiece, its definitely different and, despite losing a few of the more risqué cards, there's:

  • Likeable characters and a story rife with adventure!With a wide range of unique and quirky personalities, the entire cast of Monster Monpieceeach add a little spice to the adventurous story from beginning to end!
  • Use Skills, Potentials, and a strategic mind!While the battle system seems simple, you still need a strategic mind to best utilize your Monster Girls’ Skills and Potentials in battle! 
  • Fusion and Aura Bonus kick battles up anotch! The keys to a successful battle lie in mastering the Fusion system and activating the Aura Bonus to increase your cards’ stats during battle! 
  • Card battles featuring 3D chibi characters! There are more than 100 Monster Girls that will support you in battle against your opponents. Use Rub mode, where you send your magic power into the cards by rubbing the touch screen!