Monster Hunter 4G confirmed for 3DS only

With the Vita now selling consistently well in Japan, and a wide range of hunting games on show, it doesn't really need Monster Hunter to help "save" it. But, would it help? Hell, yeah! So, its predictable, but still a shame, that Capcom has announced Monster Hunter 4G for the 3DS only, following on from the WiiU MH4 Ultimate title.

Even in all its pixelated grubbiness, the trailer for the 3DS will still help shift a few million copies and loads of hardware in Japan.

Yes, the Vita is still getting some Monster Hunter love, in the form of the upgraded Frontier G version, but even in the loose sense that 4G is a "new" game, this is really stretching the definition, being based on a seven-year old release, with a two-year old update. Also, its hard to find numbers but there's supposed to be about 250,000 subscribers for the PC version, which isn't great. The success of MHFG depends on that user base wanting to go portable, given the limited feature set of the full PC/PS3 experience.

All of which is pretty immaterial for us, since importers will likely find the Frontier Vita game blocked from the servers. So for now, just boot up good old Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and keep on enjoying the game as it was meant to be played.