Gaikai becomes PlayStation Now, classic gaming on all devices

Sony has unveiled PlayStation Now at CES, its streaming service which will roll out in a limited beta soon (for US users). It will let people play classic PS2 and current PS3 games on any device, but obviously will be better on ones with a controller (hint, Vita).

Presumably Sony's Bravia TVs will be able to play the service through an internal Vita TV or similar setup, it will come to other TVs later. I have no idea how you play a twinstick shooter with controls through a tablet or mobile (update: all systems require a DualShock controller to play), but its nice they're on the list. More information on this soon, but don't expect an EU release particularly early, as Sony rolls this out, along with lots of hefty back-end tech very gradually.

Destructoid has a hands-on demo of PlayStation Now running The Last of Us on a Vita, from their write-up the focus is on PS3 games first and classics later. On the EU blog has a minor update, stressing the no European date exists. Pricing will be by subscription or for specific games, likely not included in PS+, although it'd be cool if they offered a discount.