Famitsu sales figures see FFX HD sell 155K on Vita

Japan's chart updates are a little sluggish due to the new year, but Famitsu pegs Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster twin pack HD at No.5 selling 134,000 copies, some 50,000 below the PS3 version at No. 3 The solo FFX remaster sold another 22,000 copies, making a decent haul for Square Enix.

On the back of that, Famitsu pegs the Vita as having sold a decent 75,000 units in the week. That brings the Vita up to 1.2 million units in Japan for 2013. That's ahead of everything but the rampant 3DS for the year, but well down on most the of PSP's annual sales figures. On the plus side, that's pretty much double 2012's sales, so things are heading in the right direction.

I'll add the Media Create figures and my final chart for 2013 when they update.