Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z hits PSN with PS+ discount

Rush out to the stores, or sit at home and download the Namco's first Dragon Ball title for the Vita. The game is £29.99 on PSN, or £26.99 for PS+ subs, with a massive roster of fighters and

For the first time ever, fans can play as God Goku, Beerus and Whis, the three newest characters in the DBZ universe! These new characters join a huge roster of more than 70 characters (including transformations & DLCs) with their unique playstyle based on the four different fighting types: Ki-Blast, Support, Melee and Interfere!

On top of the amazing character line-up, there are features such as the Genki gauge, Giant Boss Battles, Premium Points and Dragon Points (to customize your favourite character), as well as different modes where cooperation with allies is mandatory … and much more to discover!