Commence Operation Hatsune Miku crazy marketing

No matter how much of a macho gamer you are, you all really want to get your hands on this reversible Hatsune Miku bag that is part of the marketing effort for the Project Diva 2nd F game, don't you? This and other oddities, including a freakish doll and what I hope is a mouse mat, are all part of Sega's cunning plan to help flog more copies and merchandising.

Not that the game needs much help as it was one of the Vita's best selling titles last year and will likely do just as well, if not better given the Vita's rocketing sales, on launch in February. Anyone else think the west is missing out when it comes to merchandising? I don't mean £9.99 for a mug, £50 for some headphones with a logo or the £80 limited edition with a plastic figure, but the weird and crazy stuff most games in their weird and crazy universes could offer alongside the game at launch.