Sony trying to boost PlayStation Mobile with Unity for PSM

PlayStation Mobile has gone a bit quiet in recent months, you might think, and you're probably right with a drift of odds-and-sods games among the occasional gem. However, that could change as Sony and Unity look to bring out a software development kit just for PSM development.

That'd be a great way for raw talent indies, younger or very independent coders to get on-board the console ladder. Currently looking for beta testers, it works on Windows 7/8 machines and retail Vita systems, so no dev units are required, and since Unity is free or dirt cheap, its an ideal home coder solution.

Of course, it could be roundly ignored and PSM may fall into obsolescence as the focus on best-in-class indies continues, but if it brings a future generation of developers into the light, that could benefit Sony immensely.

While there's no guarantee any of these games will make it over, the developers of Delta-V and Blast 'Em have already shown an interest on Twitter, so it could pay back some pretty quick benefits when the final version launches.