Flower and Rainbow Moon spring onto the EU PSN this week

Got a very hippy vibe to the PSN update this week. Rainbow Moon the long-awaited RPG from Sidequest, with Cross Buy on PS3 for existing DLC, plus a demo where your experience carries over to the full version, if you grab it.

Waaaay after the PS3 and PSP indie hit Flow, one of That Game Company's even more charming efforts comes to the Vita in the form of Flower, now listed on the PSN PC store for £6.49 with a trial version for those who want to give this most ethereal of titles a spin. (OKAY, this was last week, I'm sorry - must have missed it).

You can download them now, the demo is 474MB, they'll probably appear on the Vita pages when PSN console updates, which is has been early lunchtime in recent weeks, remember to check the PSM page too for two more freebies. And do grab Spelunky today if you have the cash, as its in the 12 deals of Christmas sale.