Amazon UK and Germany open their own PSN stores

While PSN is handy, its also a monopoly which is never a good thing, even with PlayStation Plus discounts, things are often expensive. What it needs is a little competition, which is exactly where Amazon's digital store comes in.

Offering PS Plus subs, PSN credit and digital downloads, its only a beta for now but could eventually compete with better pricing (guess it'll have to negotiate with publishers first, but that seems to be Amazon's way). So far there's a couple of Vita games you can grab, buy them, enter the code Amazon sends into PSN and you get your download.

Buyers outside the UK and Gernany should be able to grab these codes and use them since there's a communal Europe-wide PSN service, stretching out to the Middle East, which might propel sales. I do wonder if these sales will start to count on the regular chart sales, perhaps helping merge digital and boxed sales.