Tearaway getting rave reviews, confetti parade

Tearaway hits PSN and stores on Friday, and is picking up mostly nines and some tens in its reviews, VG24/7 is keeping a list. The game seems to have pretty much hit the spot and could challenge Persona 4 and Velocity Ultra as the best-rated title on the handheld. Lets hope Sony manages to market it right!

My pre-order isn't even in the post yet, hurry up Amazon! Note, there's a demo on the way too and the game is a 1.4GB file if you want to grab it from PSN. Review comments include:

PocketGamer: Tearaway is the most creative game you'll play on any portable device this year. It's also one of the best you'll play on any system.

IGN: Tearaway is the best game I’ve played on the PlayStation Vita. It’s a joyous experience that wants to celebrate individual creativity and the power of storytelling, so it’s just as well that it never runs out of ideas itself

Eurogamer: With so much charming, augmented-reality whimsy piled on top, it's easy to forget that there's a traditional action adventure game underneath, and it's here that Tearaway's flaws, minor though they are, can be found.

Polygon: Tearaway is far from a traditional platformer; even less so than Media Molecule's most famous stab at the genre, the LittleBigPlanet series. To wit: Iota and Atoi, the game's customizable male and female protagonists, don't learn to jump for the first hour or so of the game. That would be damning for any other platformer, but Tearaway fills that hour with more than enough mechanics for you to experiment with and master.

ShopTo: Tearaway is a fantastic game from the minds of LittleBigPlanet. What the studio has crafted here is unique, fun to play and just for Vita. It goes without saying that if you own a PS Vita then you should own Tearaway, because to me at least, they both go hand in hand. (checkout their great-priced Tearaway bundle)