Tearaway fails to dent the UK chart

Proving the grim status of the Vita among UK gamers, despite glowing reviews and lots of social media praise and chat, Tearaway has failed to make it into the UK top 20. If the biggest, and pretty much only big Vita game of the season, can't make a dent then don't expect third parties to take more of an interest until Sony can provide more evidence that the Vita is selling.

The game landed at a lowly No. 26, and while it would have been higher had it not coincided with the Xbox One launch, still shows a fatal weakness for the Vita. No doubt it will sit on top of the Vita chart, and no doubt Sony will claim decent download sales, but even with a PS4/Vita bundle coming, time is starting to run out for the Vita as a consumer concept.

Killzone at least managed to reach No. 8 on launch, but Tearaway may have only sold a few thousand boxed copies at best, which is a pretty sad state of affairs for a product crafted with so much love. Sure, Sony can hope to sell Vita consoles via bundles, but the damage is done with another poor showing.