So, will the PlayStation 4 launch help the Vita at all?

As a Vita blogger, and from that narrow perspective, the PlayStation 4 launch is more about helping sell Sony's handheld than it is about the future of home entertainment, 1080p gaming, cloud processing and all the other benefits it offers. With the memory of Sony all but abandoning the PSP to work on the cranky PS3 Cell processor, and the nightmare of developing games for it still alive, how are Sony doing today?

Well, with the tempting offer of Remote Play for most PS4 games helping to do the big sell, its clear Sony finally has a clear strategy to link to the two devices. That goes way beyond the rather poor remote links between the PS3 and PSP or Vita, but I suppose the seed was sown then. Sony is also continuing to develop Vita games, sure most of 2014's titles aren't announced yet, but hints have been dropped of more to come.

Then there's the indie wave being nurtured that is picking up the slack of mid-level developers who won't code for a niche product. But ultimately it is down to the American gamers picking up their consoles today (and in Europe in a couple of weeks). Has anyone noticed increased Vita sales during the PS4 launch? Did those queues of buyers packing those large blue boxes also come out with a little blue box next to it?

That'll be the detail I'd like to hear from stores or Sony, as the PS4 sells out rapidly. Sony is keeping its poorly Vita sales close to its chest, but if its being honest about its gaming ambitions, how about a bit of real honesty over sales? Unless there's some mental spike in sales, I wouldn't expect a bean from Sony about the immediate results, but I'll be looking for signs of increased life across the webosphere.


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