Namco ships 500,000 copies of God Eater 2, Fenrir Vita unboxed

With the launch of God Eater 2 and Vita TV in full effect in Japan, Namco has announced it has shipped half-a-million copies of the game, likely split around 350,000 on the Vita and 150,000 for PSP, which must put it among the biggest Vita launches yet. There's also the God Eater limited edition Vita, unboxed here.

Sales expectations are high with Amazon Japan having been in and out of stock on pre-orders, and the game at No. 3 in Bestsellers. The big question is, will Namco see any reward on its investment and continue to support the Vita with big projects in the future? While we wait for news of a western release, why not listen to some of the game's music. And enjoy these pics from the launch.

more pics here.