Its Top 100 games time with Famitsu

Japanese games advertiser and occasional news piece rag, Famitsu, has put out its top 100 games of 2013 (so far) and of the century (so far, so good). The PSP manages to squeeze four Monster Hunter titles into the top 100 of the century, topping out with 4.5 million sales for No 8 Monster Hunter Freedom 3. Those four games sold over 9 million units, showing just how much it propped up the PSP.

But you won't be surprised to hear that there isn't a Vita game anywhere near that list. In fact the best the Vita can manage is this lot, with numbers just beating out Xbox games in Japan (ouch!), but do remember that this list excludes digital sales.

247,000 PSV Persona 4 Golden Atlus
221,000 PSV Toukiden Koei Tecmo
215,000 PSV Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f Sega.

Over this year, the Vita does a little better, with these games selling in excess of 50,000. If they're considered successful then Japan will continue to thrive as many series can survive on those numbers, but expect localisations to diminish as they won't have the funds to bring any language intensive games west.

16. Soul Sacrifice Sony 184.391
33. Shinovi Versus Marvelous AQL 133.596
35. Toukiden Tecmo 127.744
43. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Bandai 94.384
44. Phantasy Star Online 2: Special Package Sega 94.372
57. Muramasa Rebirth Marvelous AQL 74.207
61. Tales of Hearts R Namco 70.066
64. Valhalla Knights 3 Marvelous AQL 66.658
69. Demon Gaze Kadokawa Games 58.365