God Eater 2 and Vita TV ready to hit Japanese stores (pic)

The Vita's main hope for a killer app launches in Japan in just a couple of hours, with the usual midnight events and store openings. Here's what the kids are (hopefully) after, with the Vita TV potentially becoming the Vita's trojan horse, offering something Nintendo has played with in the past, but I can't see them making a 3DS adaptor for the Wii U.

God Eater 2 has had all the marketing, got the review score and probably a tee-shirt, now all it needs is the 600,000 plus players of God Eater Burst to move on up. Will they stick with the PSP version, or all upgrade to Vita and/or Vita TV? We'll find out with next week's Japanese charts, but look out for updates today as things shake out in Japan.

Note, the Vita TV is apparently region-locked, so don't think about importing one. Most likely Sony is trying to stop imports to the west, suggesting it has a launch for us planned.