Editorial, Tearaway marks the most important week in the Vita's life

With the glowing reviews piling in for Tearaway, and sales figures looking good for God Eater 2 and Vita TV in Japan, this week's news will put Sony's handheld in its best light since launch, or last winter's AC3/NFS/COD trifecta if you're keeping score.

So, go on then Sony, impress us with a marketing blitz to end all campaigns. Shower the world with press highlighting this game's unique style and sense of warmth. Fling the scores in the faces of disbelievers, show parents that gaming doesn't have to be all death and violence (but beware of paper cuts).

Sony has one shot, this year, to sell some Vita handhelds, to get a new generation of gamers on-board and to build some confidence in the machine for other developers to hang new games on to. Tearaway should be everywhere, on bus-stops, on television, being talked about by rappers and reality TV stars, it should be on the cover on non-gaming magazines and in tabloids.

With Killzone, the best portable first-person shooter ever, alongside, a mass of low-cost great indie games and a decent library of core games, the Vita as a consumer concept has the potential for some mass appeal. So, go on Sony, get out there and sell it all the way to Christmas and beyond.

Sure there's a new console you need to advertise too, but if Sony really still believes in the Vita, Iota and Aoti, and the Squirrel King should be peering round the corner of every single PlayStation commercial and advert. Yes, there's always 2015 and another couple of Sony-developed exclusives to go, and maybe some nostalgia gaming and JRPG goodies for the core, but Tearaway is the sparkling line in the sand for new gamers, so don't screw this up! (Just as the company plans to find a $100 million savings, oops)