Diablo III will remote play on the Vita

After a couple of days of uncertainty, and probably a few sharp emails between console maker and develoepr, Blizzard has confirmed that Vita and PS4 owners will be able to play Diablo III on the small screen, despite the dinky nature of some of the visuals. Perhaps Blizzard devs have never seen a Vita, as focused as they are on the big-screen games, but the Remote Play feature will be enabled.

To prove it, here's Blizzard showing off the game on the small screen. Of course, the game is half the price on PC (and not even out until next year on PS4) if you want to play it properly. But the new console version will at least be able to be played off the big-screen, so perhaps will be a bigger deal to those who need to do a Pindleskin (or whatever the D3 equivalent is) run morning, noon or night.