Surge Deluxe to supercharge your Vita

Surge was one of FuturLab's sparkling contributions to the PlayStation Mobile launch, and a fun little tappy-screen title at that. The tabloid hack in me wants to shout "Is FutureLab running out of ideas?" as the company is bringing that title in a Deluxe form to PSN, hot on the heels of Velocity, Velocity Ultra and soon Velocity Ultra 2X Doublewide with-speed-stripes-on.

Some new features to the game are highlighted in a PSN blog post, but the most welcome ones will be trophies and leaderboards. Which leads me to wonder if Sony is quietly killing off PSM as having done its job, or leaving it as a sounding board for new ideas and developers. Any news in that direction would be welcome. As for FuturLab, time to think up something new chaps? My suggestion, "New Tales from the Riverbank: Death Otters vs Pyscho Pike!"