Starlight Inception beta hitting PSN on the 22nd

Heads up Kickstarter types who backed Escape Hatch's Starlight Inception, the Vita's first crowd-funded game. Check your email for your beta download code and put it somewhere safe for a couple of days, as the beta goes live next Tuesday. In it we get to fly the Lightning craft through the tutorials, get ready to feedback with your bug reports and issues.

Note that some graphics are still placeholders, as is the voice track, which will all be revised before release. A final version is expected before the end of the year with a release date TBC. Sure, this isn't quite Elite Dangerous or that other big-budget Kickstarter, or even the better-specified PC version, but its ours and hopefully we'll get to love it.

UPDATE: Note the beta codes only work on the US PSN store, EU types are out of luck, for now.