Sony plays the nostalgia violin for your #PlayStationMemories

What was your first PlayStation memory? Sony wants to know on the twitter hashtag #PlayStationMemories and put together a cute video of some idealised PS love. Mine are in more-or-less order...

  • Watching the original Ridge Racer on a Japanese import PSX
  • WipEout on PlayStation, and pretty blown away by it on PSP and Vita too! 
  • Staying up all night with flatmates, taking turns to finish the first Tomb Raider game (and then the second)... 
  • Trying to explain who "revolting ocelot" was to my girlfriend when she came in on the Metal Gear Solid early going
  • Sadly moving my Dreamcast aside to make way for a silver PS2
  • Getting a PS3 just six months ago and having a truckload of free PS+ games to enjoy