Sega teasing new Vita game: The new story will begin

So far the teaser site is only showing a flashy text logo, but buried in the source meta data is the telltale sign, "PlayStation Vita" which pretty much gives the format game away (and Vita only too, whoo-hoo). But what is the game? The colour scheme of the flash looks a bit Shenmue, but the logo is nothing like Shenmue's script curves. Any ideas?

It doesn't look very Yakuza-like, which was my second thought. A story-led game suggests something adventurish, "The new story" suggests an existing series getting a new tale, rather than a whole new world and series, or am I just reading too much into it?

Update: Some of the Japanese text apparently suggest its a card battler game, which is a massive let-down right away. A new free-to-play in-app-purchase heavy title beckons I fear.