MotoGP 13 gets patched

A quick fix from Milestone for those enjoying the dramatic conclusion to the MotoGP season and some super-fast racing on their Vita. The patch for all systems is available to download and includes fixes for:

  • When selecting custom rider, the race number of the bike in the pits has now the same colour of the main bike 
  • After playing an online race, in the Race Results screen, physics settings of the previous race are properly displayed 
  • The stat “Career pole positions” in MyGP statistics is now working properly 
  • Online modes performances have been improved 
  • The opponent of the last race can’t be changed anymore from the post race menu 
  • When technical problems are set to ON, adversaries behavior is now much more realistic 
  • When performing a 100% length race, the lap and position counter is now working properly even when using Rewind after completing about 75% of the laps 
  • Minor save games issues have now been fixed 
  • When playing a full weekend race, on wet condition only soft tyres were available. Now the behaviour is correct. 
  • During online races, the sound of the semaphore on the grid, can be now heard properly. 
  • General stability of the game has been improved 
  • Fix the bug that something occurred with only the player is on track (Only PSVITA) 
  • Fix on suspensions damages, this bug created the “bike underground” effect