Elemental's Reborn Kickstarter goes back in the incubator

The rather smashing-looking cyberpunk action RPG Reborn was announced for Kickstarter a few weeks back, but has been put on hold due a delay in the team getting a solid-looking gameplay example together. As the company puts it:
Elemental-Labs has been working tirelessly to get gameplay footage up and running to show to fans, but it appears that it will take another several weeks to finalize. They know that without in-game footage, their audience will not be convinced of their ability to make a game. So, rather than having the project end without showing sufficient assets to the audience, they have decided to cancel the project for the time being and relaunch it with gameplay footage in November.
 So, if you were keen on this game then watch out for the relaunch of the Kickstarter campaign in a few weeks. As mentioned in the first story, the Vita stretch goal is a pretty big one, but if a decent gameplay video helps get it there, then it would have been worth the delay.